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Every video has English subtitle, just click CC. (It’ll be added 3 days after the video is published.) ▲ Subscribe to stay tuned for new videos: ▲ Line Sticker ▲ Sunbeary: ▲ KNN kanninich: ▲ FANPAGE : ▲ IG : Sunbeary ▲ IG : Kan_Atthakorn Behind-the-scene channel and more videos: E-mail contact for work: Bearhug Channel is a Vlog channel with two main hosts: “San – Sunbeary”, a former accountant who loves eating. She is into traveling as well as adventures. Besides, she also likes to join events and to (be) photograph(ed). Because of her great talent in financial management, she is called ‘the CEO’. “Kan - Atthakorn”, a man with a poker face, known as the most foul-mouthed guy in the world. He loves to work behind the scenes. And he is also interested in innovations and keens on updating his knowledge to improve himself.

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