FESPA World Wrap Masters Wrap Training: Cold Pre-Stretch And Triangles


Description :

FESPA Digital carwrapping vehiclewrap coldstretch vinyl triangles Justin Pate overstreatching car wrap how to tutorial wrap masters For more on the World Wrap Masters check out and What makes wrapping a car difficult? Bumpers, door handles and mirrors. The reason for this is the film tends to bunch up on the corners which can lead to overstretching, wrinkles and durability issues. In this noon demo at FESPA Digital 2016, Head Judge Ole Solskin Ravn and Judge Justin Pate of TheWrapInstitute team-up to show two ground breaking techniques: triangles and cold pre-stretch which neutralize the curves so the car essentially becomes flat. This results in dramatically faster installs with higher quality and long term durability.

3 years ago